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Wheeler Middle School Required Summer Reading 2020-2021

Required and suggested reading ideas for Middle School students. Includes REQUIRED summer reading RITBA nominees MS Smith's top picks... and more

Wheeler 8th Grade English Summer Reading 2020

Wheeler 8th Grade Required Summer Reading


Rising 8th graders should Choose three (3) novels of any genre, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, realistic fiction, graphic novel, or a memoir. Please be ready to discuss them when we meet in September.

Thank you!


Wheeler 8th Grade Cityside Summer Reading 2020

Summer Reading for Cityside at Wheeler

There are two Livebinders to support our work together this year. It is vital that you arrive to school:

With a general familiarity of the contents 
Able to  fluently move between main and subtabs 
With a sense of how each binder can help you succeed 

1- Spend two hours reading and thinking about what you learn from:

The Cityside Binder-

Password: cityside

2- Spend two hours reading and thinking about what you learn from:

The Cityside Resources Binder-

Password: cityside resources

3- Prepare a three-minute presentation that answers these questions to the best of your ability. You may use any app of your choice, make a video or podcast. Your answers are a starting point and are not expected to be exhaustive. Due on the first day of class. 

  1. What are my duties as a global and local citizen and how can familiarity with place help me to fulfill my duties?

  2. Why are cities like Providence, presently and in the future, a perfect lab for studying our greatest successes and failings as human beings?

  3. What temperament and skills are vital in order to flourish in a rapidly changing world?