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Wheeler Middle School Summer Reading 2023

Required and suggested reading ideas for Middle School students. Includes REQUIRED summer reading RITBA nominees MS Smith's top picks... and more

Wheeler 6th Grade Summer Reading

Summer Reading, 6th Grade

  1. Read three (3) novels in total over the summer. Any version: print, e-book, and audiobook are all OK:

  2. Read two (2) novels of your choice: one can be a graphic novel. Find a list of recommendations here or from the Rhode Island Middle School Book Award Nominees 2024 list.

  3. One (1) novel must be from this list:

  • Bloom by Kenneth Oppel

  • City of Ghosts, by V.E Schwab

  • City Spies, by James Ponti

  • High Five for Glenn Burke, by Phil Bildner

  • The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle, by Leslie Connor


Wheeler 7 English


Please read:

  1. Two (2) novels from your favorite genres.
  2. They can be by the same author (but not in the same series, please)
  3. Be prepared to discuss and write about your summer reading choices when you return in September. 


Wheeler 7 History

History (Ms. Hunsicker)

Please Read:

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. Please be ready to discuss it when we return to school.

Wheeler 8 English

English 8 Summer Reading

Choose two (2) novels of any genre (realistic fiction, fantasy, science fiction,

historical fiction, memoir, or other nonfiction).


8th Grade students will complete a graded writing assignment based on their summer

reading choices in the first week of school.

Wheeler Cityside 8

Summer Reading for Cityside at Wheeler

There are two digital binders to support our work together this year. It is vital that you

arrive at school with:

  •  a general familiarity with the contents 

  •  a sense of how each binder can help you succeed 

1- Spend two hours reading and thinking about what you learn from:

The Cityside Basics Binder

 Password: cityside

2- Spend two hours reading and thinking about what you learn from:

The Cityside Resources Binder

Password: cityside resources
3- Record a casual video on your phone or laptop answering the question What is Cityside? Pretend you are talking to a parent or guardian and they have asked you about the Cityside Program and what it’s all about. Use information from the Cityside Basics binder for this question.