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Interwar Years (Laffey, Lytle, Michel)

Tenth grade project examining the Political & Social Impact of World War I

Suffrage resources

Questions to consider...

  • What roles did women play during the war?
  • How and why did women advocate for the right to vote? 
  • Evaluate a woman's rights movement in a particular nation.
  • Did women connect with one another across national lines?  Or across lines of race and class?
  • How successful were they?
  • How did images of women change or not change?  
  • Consider "the Flapper" image in Europe.
  • How successfulwas the war and its impact in the success of the women's suffrage movement?


Fashion resources

Questions to consider...

Coco Chanel is one example of a fashion leader of this era:

  • What was revolutionary about her styles?
  • How did her styles reflect the postwar era?

Consider cosmetics:

  • How did the perception of make-up change after WWI?
  • What influences were responsible for this change?
  • Elizabeth Arden, Madame C.J. Walker, Helena Rubenstein

Fashion shifts to examine:

  • What role did mass production and technology play in fashions after the war?
  • In what ways did fashion rebel or celebrate styles established during the war?
  • What cultural changes influenced fashion after the war?

Other possible fashion topics:

  • Vogue magazine
  • Sportswear
  • Paul Poiret
  • Flapper style
  • Pyjamas
  • Short hair for women