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Interwar Years (Laffey, Lytle, Michel)

Tenth grade project examining the Political & Social Impact of World War I

Selected resources

  • What was the Pan-African Movement and what was its influence?
  • Who are key leaders and affiliated organizations? 
  • What ideas did it promote? 
  • How did ideas of Africa tie black people together around the world? 
  • Assess its critique of European colonialism and racism around the world.
  • Who was Marcus Garvey and what was his appeal? 
  • In what ways did Garvey's movement reflect rising nationalist sentiment in the aftermath of World War I?
  • To what extent did Garvey and/or his movement make progress?


Just Jazz!


  • What influence did Jazz have in Europe? 
  • How did jazz musicians contribute to radical politics?  
  • What was the connection of jazz to Pan-Africanism? 
  • What was revolutionary about jazz?
  • How was jazz a reaction to the war?
  • How did jazz shape the postwar era of the 1920s and 1930s?
  • Consider artists like
    • Louis Armstrong
    • Duke Ellington
    • Billy Holliday