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The Age of Anxiety (Clark, Lytle, Thomas)

Tenth grade project examining the Political & Social Impact of World War I

Citations (Chicago Style)

NoodleTools is an essential resource for creating a properly formatted citations. We will be using the Chicago Style for citations. The Chicago Style uses footnotes and a bibliography to complete a paper with properly formatted citations. Here is an example from the Chicago Manual of Style, Vol. 16. Here is another list of examples. You need to cite all sources used in your paper whether they are written (e.g. articles, books, etc.), visual (e.g. photos, graphs, etc.) or other formats (e.g. a song, etc). Some common things that must be cited include, but are not limited to:

a. direct quotation of another person’s words,

b. a paraphrase of another person’s words, ideas, etc.

c. use of a term/idea from another person’s work, etc.