Videos in the Classroom

What is Animoto?

Animoto allows teachers and students to create video presentations online with no additional software needed.  All you have to do is

  • Choose your photos, videos
  • Add text
  • Add music (either your own or from Animoto’s list), and
  • Wait a few minutes while your video is finalized

You also may embed your video easily into any webpage or blog, download a video for in-class presentations, post to YouTube, or email it.

How can I use Animoto with my students?

Animoto as a step by step

Resources: Using Animoto in the Classroom

Why use Animoto?

It's time to try Animoto

Animoto Overview

Book Trailer example

Rooster Games 2012

Shapes in the Classroom

There's an App for that

What can I use Animoto for?

  • Collect multiple student voices on a topic
  • Create book trailers
  • Explain a concept
  • Highlight a program
  • Review vocabulary
  • Showcase classwork

Go Further:

Like the features of Animoto, but want to try your hand at a different program, perhaps one that's more advanced? 

Here are a few other popular video creation programs: