Videos in the Classroom

What is Classroom video on demand?

Classroom Video On Demand is a state-of-the-art streaming video platform that makes it possible to incorporate outstanding educational programs from Facts On File and Films Media Group into your classroom.

Some of the basic functionality of Classroom Video On Demand includes the ability to:

  • Access your digital content, anytime and anywhere you need it
  • View full-length video programs in your digital collection
  • View and present partial segments of a program to your students
  • View pre-defined learning objects for each program
  • Create personal playlists to assemble full-length videos and/or segments into a classroom presentation or to share with students for out-of-class viewing
  • Search your digital video library by title or segment using keywords, subjects, and other criteria
  • Browse your digital video library using a curriculum-based taxonomy
  • Organize your digital videos into custom folders for quick and easy access to your favorite titles and segments

10 Ways to use Video in the Classroom

Why use a video streaming database?

What are playlists and how can they help my students?

Video clips can be embedded

Sign in using the school username and password and gain access to the embedded video

Where do these videos come from?

Classroom Video on Demand videos come from a variety of educational sources including: