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Faculty Summer Professional Development: 2018 Summer Read

Faculty Reading for Summer 2018.

This year, everyone will read the same book.

What your colleagues are saying about this book:

"I like the second part of the book the best (starting on p. 99), so I would recommend starting there. This section includes stories of how different schools are trying new things to transform learning, and sparked a lot of ideas of how I might make changes in my own teaching" -Kathy Johnson

"Since the book has three sections, I recommend starting with the introduction because it explains the content and how it is organized. From there, I suggest choosing the section that seems most interesting to read first." -Michelle Dolan

"I suggest reading carefully the "Reflection" at the end of each chapter (and maybe consider reading the Reflection first and then starting at the beginning of the chapter)." -Beau Poppen-Abajian

"Don't put off opening this book until the end of the summer! You're going to want the time to soak in the stories. Feel free to jump around in the book and definitely read the intro as well as the reflections at the end of each chapter." -Meg Kiley

"Reading #EdJourney is like going on a tour of schools who have similar constraints and similar aspirations all over the country. It is filled with the dilemmas and opportunities that we share, which gives them context, and provides a framework through which to imagine possibilities at big and small scales." -Allison Gaines Pell

To learn more about Lichtman's work, we encourage you to explore these websites:

Questions to Consider

  • In what ways are we already working as an innovative school?
  • In what ways do you see yourself as an innovator?
  • In which areas do you see us hitting roadblocks?

Mark passages with symbols or colored post-its...

  What excites you?
  What do you still have questions about?
  An approach that is the opposite of what you think would work
  Something you knew/ have tried

  • Which of our school values do you see matching those portrayed in the schools Grant visited?
  • Which school would you most like to visit in person?
  • What ideas would you feel comfortable implementing at our school? In your classroom or program?

Special thanks to Alyssa Mroz for creating these questions.

Dive deeper

Interested in learning more about one of these transformed schools or the strategies discussed? Here's a selection of books and other resources to explore.

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