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Faculty Summer Professional Development: 2015 Book Choices


"Adichie writes about that which others have kept silent....This is not just a story that unfolds across three continents, it is also a keenly observed examination of race, identity and belonging in the global landscapes of Africans and Americans." ~ Colum McCann

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Waking Up White

Dear Reader, ...I hope [my book] will give you or someone you know new insights into how racism works and why you (or white people you know) can get so anxious when it comes to talking about race and racism. ...  ~  Debby

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Whistling Vivaldi

No one is immune from stereotype. Every one of us is part of some group affected by negative perceptions, and we know we may be judged by it – race, gender, age, education level and much more.  Steele's book is about the tension between what society tells us we should be and our power to assert our individual hopes, dreams and aspirations. 

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