QSA (Queer Straight Alliance) Resources

The goal of this guide is to provide LGBTQIA students and their community resources which can be used to improve their educational experiences and to create inclusive school environments.

Doing research on GLBTQ+ issues? Here are some titles to help you get started.

When books and articles were written and cataloged in the past, terms were used that we now would consider outdated or even offensive. Remember, to make certain you are searching comprehensively, it is sometimes necessary to use terms such as homosexual, transsexuals, etc. Below are some suggested keywords or phrases:

Bisexuality/ Bisexuals

Coming Out (Sexual Orientation)

Gay Liberation Movement

Gay Men

Gay Parents

Gay Rights Gays Writings

Gay Youth

Gays in Popular Culture Gender Identity Heterosexism


Homophobia Homosexuality Lesbian Feminism

Lesbians/ Lesbianism

Lesbians Male Friendship Queer


Same-Sex Marriage Sex Customs Sexology

Sexual Behavior

Sexual Deviation Sexual Orientation Transsexuals/ Transsexualism

Intersex/ Intersexuality

Gender Neutral Gender Inclusive Gender Identity Transgender