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National Parks in Trouble (Harrison, Schmidt)

9th grade project for Environmental Science

Citing and Notetaking with Noodletools

Presentation Checklist and Tips

Presentation Checklist 

  • Correct number of slides (plus intro slide and bibliography slide)
  • Presentation spans required amount of time
  • All required components of project are included (review rubric/assignment sheet)
  • Slides have consistent visual style/branding (fonts, headings, colors, graphics)
  • Images used in slides have necessary captions and bibliographic citations
  • Reviewed slides for errors/asked someone to review slides
  • Practiced the presentation from start to finish ahead of time

General Presentation Advice:

  • Practice from start to finish ahead of time
  • Face the audience, not the screen
  • Don’t read your slides—use them as cues for what you want to say 
  • Change up your tone (monotonous is boring - enthusiasm is contagious)
  • Engage your audience: make eye contact, ask questions, give brief explanations

Good Presentation vs. Bad Presentation

How to Manage Presentation Anxiety