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Wondering if you can use your personal subscription to a streaming service, like Netflix, to show videos to your class? The answer is found below.

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Learn 360+Classroom VoD

The Basics


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About Learn360+ Classroom Video:

Prescott Library & Aerie, from Infobase

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Learn 360 plus Classroom Video provides printables, activities, and videos for PreK - 12. This vetted, easy to use media library includes content from National Geographic, BBC, A&E, Films for the Humanities, Weston Woods, and many more. The collection holds over 153,000 media resources.

Classroom use

Sharing specific video segments with a class.

Entire videos or specific clips can be shared directly into Google classroom. Students have access to the resource through Google Single Sign On.

Diagrams, timelines, maps, and other visuals that can enhance a class lesson.

ALL SUBJECTS including health and vocational resources.

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  • Sarah Berthiaume Leduc
  • Liz MacMillan
  • Charlotte Stutz

Swank Streaming Service

The Basics


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About Swank:

Prescott Library, from Swank

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Swank Streaming provides our school with a collection of movies that can be streamed directly from your device to your classroom. In addtion to the movies we have immediate access to, faculty find other titles in the Swank library and request that we acquire them for the year.

Classroom use

Showing movies in class to your students.

Allowing students who missed a class to view the portion of a movie you wanted them to see.

All streaming movies provide a link for faculty to add to their Google Classroom pages. This allows student access to the specific movie once they log in using the student password.

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Here are a few members of the faculty who have already worked with this resource:

  • John Campbell
  • Marco Rodarte

RE: Netflix and other personal streaming subscriptions

A subscription to a streaming service, may not cover showing its content in an educational setting. If you are showing videos through your personal streaming subscription you may be violating the terms of use.

Currently, Netflix is the only personal streaming service that allows some of its documentaries to be shown in an educational setting. According to Netflix:

Example of Netflix Grant of Permission

"Some Netflix Original educational documentaries are available for one-time educational screenings.

To find out which titles are available for educational screenings, go to the "Only On Netflix" section of media.netflix.com. From here, navigate to "All Alphabetical". Titles that are available for educational screening will display [a grant of permission on their details page]."

Currently, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+HBO, and Hulu DO NOT grant any rights for institutional or educational use. Licenses overrule copyright exemptions, so this can not be covered under fair use. This is why we offer Swank and Learn 360 streaming services.

Special thanks to the JET Library Streaming Media LibGuide, UM Flint Media in the Classroom LibGuide and UMich Copyright and Using Video LibGuide for providing clear information on this topic.