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US Renovation in Pictures

Slide the bar in the middle of the image to see a before and after of the renovation.


Slide the bar in the middle of the image to see a before and after of the renovation.

Upper School Curriculum

The Upper School Librarian collaborates closely and actively with teachers in the design and teaching of research projects based on the development of a progressively sophisticated array of critical thinking and research skills. The Upper School uses the Standards for the 21st Century Learner, created by the American Association of School Libraries (AASL), as well as the Information Literacy Competency Standards of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL).

The Upper School Library’s teaching program emphasizes research skill areas such as finding and evaluating information sources in print and electronic formats for relevance, bias and authority; ethical use of information, and sharing knowledge through writing and oral presentations, often incorporating technological applications.

Ninth graders review and deepen skills taught intensively in their middle school years through six or more projects taught in both humanities and science classes. In the tenth and eleventh grades continue to research and write papers and prepare presentations in their history, science, and modern language classes. 

The Library offers a welcoming and information-rich environment to support study and research, as well as help students pursue their own interests or find something new to read. 

When projects are assigned, students are expected to use their unscheduled periods to continue the research they have begun in class, and to become skilled at managing their time well. Students can consult with librarians, choose settings for group work, or find a place to work or read alone in the midst of a busy school day in a study carrel, computer workstation, or comfortable chair by a window. 

Juniors and seniors find many opportunities in their electives to become increasingly independent researchers and learners. By the time Wheeler students graduate, they will have completed research papers and other activities incorporating most of the information literacy skills and types of research writing represented in a typical college freshman year. 

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