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Prescott Library

Serving The Wheeler School community.

Lower School Curriculum

The Lower School Library provides a safe, warm environment for children to explore literature, discover answers to questions, and investigate new ideas.

In the early grades, the students learn how the library is organized and how to find books of interest to them. Students learn library-related vocabulary, such as title, author, call number, fiction/nonfiction, and more. The students are taught how to choose books that are appropriate for them, how to navigate the library on their own, and checkout materials under their own name. That way, the children get the full “library experience” each week.,

As they progress through the grades, we teach the children how to search for, evaluate, and organize information through collaboration with classroom teachers. This unique collaboration allows the children to investigate and explore the research process with guidance. These authentic research experiences provide students with multiple opportunities to think critically and learn to be effective users of information.

The skills they acquire through this process provide a foundation for life-long learning.

In addition, we strive to foster a love of reading, by providing quality, culturally diverse, materials and opportunities to appreciate and share ideas about literature. Students in the early grades are introduced to a variety of authors whose work we explore in-depth through author studies, craft-related activities and music. Students are encouraged to sample a constellation of materials, from picture books and poetry, to more complex nonfiction and periodicals.

As the students progress through the Lower School, they participate in various reading incentive programs, such as the annual Battle of the Books and the Rooster Games. The children also have opportunities all year to take part in “Library Lunch”, an innovative salon-style gathering where Wheeler faculty and staff (across all disciplines) read their favorite books to the children during lunch. By encouraging a love of reading and being enthusiastic about the value of libraries, we hope to create a love of learning in our students that lasts a lifetime.,

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