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Archived: 1960's US History

Your task: Write an analytical essay on a topic or event during the 1960's. Use the information that you have gathered to develop a CLEAR ARGUMENT (thesis) and then use specific evidence for support. Use this LibGuide to help!

Women's Roles & Birth Control

February 1964
"Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique is released as a paperback, with its first printing selling 1.4 million copies. Friedan’s book ushers in a transformative feminist movement as housewives across America come to identify with the 'problem that has no name' and acknowledge dissatisfaction with their domestic roles.
"  -from the PBS Timeline of 1964 

The Beats & Boundaries

Rachel Carson & the Environment

Berkeley's Free Speech Movement

October 1, 1964  

"Student activists at the University of California at Berkeley distribute information on racial discrimination at a row of tables set up at the corner of Bancroft and Telegraph Streets, a location which had traditionally been a place to share information about a variety of campus activities and events. Berkeley administrators tell the students they must keep all political activities off campus. Students see this as a violation of their First Amendment rights, and begin a protest that lasts for two days, involves thousands of students, and results in eight suspensions. One activist, Jack Weinberg, is held in police custody. Student demonstrations at Berkeley continue throughout the fall semester."  --from the PBS Timeline of 1964