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UN Crisis Project (Clark, Lytle, Thomas)

Choose a specific crisis or issue and assess: What motivated the UN to act (or not)? How successful the UN was in moderating the situation? Was the UN able to achieve goals of promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights?

Citing UN Resolutions in Chicago style

How do I use Noodletools to Cite a UN Resolution??

Chicago citation style does not have a specifc standard for UN documents, so we will be some tweaking will be needed. 

Here's the Answer:

Step 1:

In Noodletools, "Create a new citation."  Then choose "Website --->Government Publication ---> Report"

Step 2:

Be sure "E-publication" and "Issued by government" are selected.

Step 3:

You will use information at the top of the UN Resolution to fill in the following areas.

Each of these areas corresponds to an area at the top of the UN Resolution.


Still need help? Please contact Ms. Covintree for further assistance.

Tips on Notetaking!