Renaissance Art Project (Ahlborn, Laffey, Palomo, Thomas)

Ninth grade history project on Renaissance art and artists.


Start with an overview!

Grove Art & Encyclopedia Britannica are good sources for pre-research.
ArtStor is a database of images. 

You can find a list of passwords here.

Ask for help if you need it!

Oxford Art Online


REMEMBER!   This is primarily a BOOK based project.

Search the Encyclopedia

Recommended Web Links

Consider this:

You are studying Pieter Bruegel the Elder's painting The Harvesters, a landscape that was painted during the Renaissance period. You are interested in learning about the symbolism of the painting.

Which of the following search phrases would give you the best results? 

Consider this:
Painting OR Symbolism OR Bruegel: 3 votes (0.9%)
Renaissance painting AND Bruegel: 5 votes (1.51%)
Symbolism AND Bruegel AND Harvesters: 324 votes (97.59%)
Total Votes: 332

A Top Resource!

One of the greatest resources you have for this project is your own two eyes.

Look closely at your artwork...what do you see? what do you discover?

Take your time and observe.

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