Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers to common library resources in the Prescott Library.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Your library number is the same number as your lunch number/school ID.

Your Library Card Number provides access to:

  • Self-checkout kiosks

  • Overdrive for ebooks and audiobooks

  • Flipster for digital copies of current magazines

As well as off campus access to databases from

A: Use the URL's below to link these shared printers to your WheelerGmail account. Once you have accepted the printers they're best used with Google Chrome & Google Docs. You can print most files from your MAC or PC by using the PRINT button at

If you have any additional printing questions, please contact the Tech Department.

A: Most of our resources do not need any passwords to access on campus. However, when off campus, a password may be needed. You can find passwords in this document. (You will need to be logged into your wheelergmail account to read this document.)

A: The library does not have any computer chargers available to students.

The library does have iPads and Chromebooks available for Library use and short term loan.

The Tech Department has Chromebooks AND computer chargers available for short term loan.


Food is not allowed in the library.

There is one table on the second floor outside the library where food is welcome. In addition, there are many other places on campus where you can do work while eating.

Drinks in the library are fine as long as the container has a lid.

A: Actually, in general, the library does not acquire textbooks.

We may have a text if it is a novel, play, or other work of creative writing.


If you are looking for a textbook, you may find one with Academic Support or the academic department. Please contact them directly.

A: The Upper School's non-fiction books are located on both floors of the library.*

The collection is organized using the Dewey Decimal System.

Here's a sampling of the type of books you may find in each of the Dewey Decimal categories:

  • 000's - World Records, Bigfoot, Library Science
  • 100's - Witchcraft, Self-help, Freud
  • 200's - Christianity, Taoism, Greek myths
  • 300's - Women, Spies, Politics
  • 400's - Dictionaries, Spelling, Chinese stories
  • 500's - Math, Oceans, Gorillas
  • 600's - Diseases, Cookbooks, Space travel
  • 700's - Art, Art, Music, Sports
  • 800's - Poetry, Plays, Essays
  • 900's - Travel guides, World history, US history

*Graphic Novels and Reference books are housed on the main floor of the library.


Borrowing Items from the Library

A: The Middle & Upper School libraries are excited to have a Self-Checkout systems located in the Middle School Commons as well as by the US Library office!

Now, if you are a library patron in good standing, you can check books out yourself without waiting for assistance from the library staff.

You will need:

  • Your library barcode number or school lunch number
  • The barcode of the item you are borrowing

Step 1.

Make sure the "Check Out" option is selected on the left of the screen.

Type or Scan your library barcode into the "Find Patron" box. To scan your personal barcode, the camera is at the back of the device at the top left corner.

(This system does not search by name, so if you do not know your lunch number or library barcode, you will have to speak with a library staff member.)

Step 2.

Type or Scan the barcode of your item.

Material barcodes may look like this


or this

make sure you are not scanning the item's ISBN.

Step 3.

Your borrowed item should now show up under your name.

Stamp the due date in your book (so you know when to return it!)

And repeat the process until all your items have been Checked Out.

Step 4.

Close your account information by clicking on the small red X in the center of the screen.

And take your items home to enjoy!

A: All divisions of the Prescott Library allow students, staff and faculty to borrow Kindles.

All students who borrow a Kindle must have an Kindle Consent Form on file which must be signed by a parent.

Kindles are available from any library staff member at the circulation desk.

Lower School Students

May borrow a Kindle for 2 weeks, and can renew it if there are no holds.

Middle School Students

May borrow a Kindle for 3 weeks, and can renew it if there are no holds.

Upper Schoold Students

May borrow a Kindle for 3 weeks.

Faculty & Staff

Should borrow Kindles from the Middle/Upper School Kindle collection.

May borrow a Kindle for 3 weeks.


For more information, contact the library staff.

A: Upper School Students may borrow items for the following amount of time:

  • Books in Print: 21 days
  • Audiobooks: 21 days
  • Videos & DVDs: 14 days
  • Compact Discs: 14 days
  • Reference Books: 3 days
  • Kindles (any type): 21 days
  • iPads & Chrome Books: 24 hours

Aerie Teachers & Tutors must make sure we have contact information for them on file.
They may borrow items for the following loan periods:

  • Books in Print: 21 days
  • Audiobooks: 21 days
  • Videos & DVDs: 21 days
  • Compact Discs: 14 days
  • Reference Books: 1 day

Wheeler Faculty & Staff have the following borrowing priviledges:

  • Books in Print: 21 days
  • Audiobooks: 21 days
  • Videos & DVDs: 21 days
  • Compact Discs: 14 days
  • Reference Books: 3 days
  • Kindles (any type): 21 days
  • iPads & Chrome Books: 24 hours

A: Yes, but very few reach our limit.

  • Middle & Upper School Students may have 15 items (books, DVDs, CDs, etc) out at any one time.
  • Aerie Teachers & Tutors may have 15 items out at any one time.
  • Wheeler Faculty & Staff may have 30 items out at any one time.

A: In the Upper School Library, reference books may be borrowed for a maximum of 3 days.

If books (whether reference or not) are reserved for a project, they cannot be checked out unless given direct permission from the librarians.

A: The first thing to do if you misplace, lose or damage a book is to contact a librarian know so we can stop sending you notices and acquire a new copy.

Students who lose or damage a book may be billed for the replacement cost. Seniors and students who are not returning are billed in May. All other students are billed in the fall for items lost during the previous year. If a book is discovered after billing, a student will receive a partial refund.

The next thing to do is to borrow another book. Clearly more practice is needed.

A: If you'd like to suggest a resource to add to our collection, just complete this form which is also found below!

A: Please stop by the library or email a librarian to discuss donations of books or materials to the library. While the library is always happy to get new items, it is possible the donation may be more useful for a teacher, classroom, or the Clothing Sale.

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