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Canada Information

Researching Your Country:

  1. Check out UNBISNET (box to the right) to see how your country voted on your issue.
  2. If you country has a government home page, go there and pull government documents on your topics.
    • For example, if you have a health topic, go to the health ministry.
  3. If your country doesn't have a government home page, search the UN for committees your country sat on and voted for.  That will give you an indication of what they support.
  4. If all else fails, use the CIAO database to find reports that mention your country and your topic to get legitimate facts to use in your paper.

World Health Organization

KnightMUN's Topics for WHO:

Committee Topics:

1) MDG 6: Combating HIV/AIDs and other communicable diseases  MDG = Millennium Development Goals

2) Providing better access to healthcare around the world