Aerie World Geography


Use World Book Online to help you choose which features you want to include on your map.  If you need more information check out the CIA website.

Your mission

Your mission: In 3 days you will need to create an amusement park ride which represents features of your country. 


Briefing:  Big Ears entertainment needs you.  They are creating Euro World and need a ride representing each country in Europe.  You must create a map for the ride you will design and present your rationale for the features you include. 


Guidelines for the map:


1.   You must use a map of your country as the basic layout for your ride. 


2.   Include 3 geographical features of your country


3.    Include 2 major cultural attractions of your country. 


4.   Make sure you place geographical features and major attractions in the correct location on your map. 


5.    Make up a name for your ride. 


Remember that visitors to this amusement park may not know much about your country, so for each feature you choose to include in your ride, you must have a description that includes:


1.   Location: region, longitude, latitude, city


2.   Description with detail: height of the mountain, length of the river or waterfall.


3.   Explanation of why you chose it for your ride.