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First Amendment (Clark, Palomo)

American History project exploring Supreme Court cases on the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Consider these questions:

Overall, your paper should answer the following:

In the Supreme Court case you chose, how does the Supreme Court weigh/balance First Amendment rights against other competing interests?

  • Consider:
    • What First Amendment rights were relevant to your case? Why would the Court want to protect those rights?
    • Is the Supreme Court consistent in its dealings with this First Amendment issue?
    • What were the competing interests in your cases? Why must the Court take those into account?
    • How well does the Supreme Court uphold First Amendment rights? Explain.
    • How do the justices use past case law to justify current court decisions?
    • What decisions did the Court make?

Help with Legalese

Court cases are written for a specific audience, one that does not usually include High School Juniors.

Don't be surprised if you have some trouble parsing through the Court's legal opinions.

Here are some helpful tools to get you through!

Tips for reading a decision

Terms and Definitions