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Reading Challenges

A Winter Reading Challenge

One joy that December brings is time to spend with family, friends and doing activities that we love so much. It is my hope that one of the activities that students will engage in over the winter break is reading. Over the next few weeks the librarians will be putting out book list, challenges and invitations to keep the Wheeler Community reading all winter long. Here are a few challenges for our Lower School Community. 

Challenge 1: Read a book about a winter sport.

Challenge 2: Think about all the books you've read this year and choose your favorite. Read it again, ask yourself what made this book so special? Share this book with your family and/or friends.

Challenge 3: Read a book by an author who has a first or last name that starts with the same letter as yours. 

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November Reading Challenge along with Books and Links to complete each challenge

This month brings four reading challenges. You can complete one, or two or all of them. 

1. November is Picture Book Month. Follow our Picture Book Month Calendar for great picture books to read and fun activities to do with your family. 
2. Celebrate National Native American Heritage Month by reading a book about Native American history or experiences past and present.
3. Read a book about family. Have discussions with your family about similarities and differences between your family and the family in the book.
4. November 13th is World Kindness Day! Read  a book about kindness, compassion and empathy. 


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Books to complete October's Reading Challenges