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Classroom Read Alouds to Start the School Year

Welcome Back

Welcome back! Last year this list wasn't curated, created and shared. Along with you all we were processing how to do school in the midst of a pandemic. Here we are still doing school during a pandemic. Thankfully we are at a place where we can connect physically and the library space is now open to teachers and students.

The Librarians are here to continue to support  you, as we have always done. We still have online resources readily available at your and your students' fingertips. We are also excited to continue to collaborate and connect with curriculum bringing inquiry and research into the classroom experience .

As we start another school year, still in a pandemic, we have curated a list of classroom reads to help you start the school year. We hope these books will assist you in creating classroom cultures that are inclusive, explorative and loving. Feel free to visit or reach out to Brooke and I at any time. 

Picture Books/Beginner Readers

Chapter Books