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Library Life after Wheeler: Tips

Tips for Wheeler Graduates from the Prescott Library

Welcome Alums

undefinedAre you preparing to graduate from Wheeler?
Are you a recent graduate struggling to find reliable information?
Researching a potential employer?
Need information that can help you as you enter the next phase of your life?

You're in the right place.

What are 5 reasons to use the library in college?

We asked Brown alum Lucrezia Sanes (Wheeler class of 2013) some advice about using the library while in college. Here are her top 5 reasons:

1. Designated Study Space

In college, you need a place to sleep, a place to work, and a place to play. Because you only have a room to yourself (and your roommate) it's been super helpful for me to keep my room as a space to hang out and have fun, and keep other spaces, like the library, for studying; it helps me stay a lot more focused when I need to do work.

2. Subject Librarians*

Subject librarians know so much and can help you with all your seemingly impossible research papers/questions

3. Books!

I'm a big proponent of using actual books for research papers instead of just academic articles. Which leads me to...

4. Illiad, WorldCat, etc.

Your school is probably a part of library lending network, which means you can use essentially any book ever. I use this for almost all my research papers and get books from as close as Harvard and as far as Europe. It's really helpful to find articles as well

5. Study Rooms

No need to isolate yourself, make a study group, and book a room in the library.

*Subject Librarians are available at most colleges and universities for research consultation in dozens of subject areas. They can help you design research strategies, access key databases, and effectively use a libraries' vast information resources. Some public libraries also have these specialists. You can often find the name of a subject specialist on the Library's website.

How do I do research if I can't use Wheeler's databases?

Even though you can no longer access Prescott Library resources, you still have many other options available to you.

Become a member at a local public library.

Public libraries also purchase resources for their users, and they may have databases where you can access reliable information. Also, there are librarians present who can help you locate information. Public libraries also provide a number of career services.

Access state library resources.

Many state library systems offer online resources, like databases and eBooks to people living and/or working in their state. Massachusetts residents can apply for an ecard. Rhode Island residents can Ask RI.

Visit a state university or college.

Many schools funded by the state allow campus visitors the same resources as a student or faculty member. They will also have community membership opportunities. Take advantage of this if you move to a new place that’s home to a public university. 

Use the resources available on this guide.

These authoritative and reliable resources will help you find information for personal or educational use.

because librarians help fact check