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Past & Present, Gr. 10, Spring 2020 (Clark, Lytle, Thomas)

About this guide

Image of Vatican Staircase is from Britannica Image Quest and rights-cleared for educational use.

This LibGuide is designed to help you find documents and information for your Modern World History end of year project. 

It's a good idea to begin with broad information on your topic, and move to more narrowly focused books and articles as you develop your thesis and primary research focus. Following the tabs above from left to right will aid you in following this progression.

  1. Use Find Books & Articles to find links to library catalogs, databases, and journals where information about your topic can be found from historians in the field.
  2. The Primary Sources tab can provide the historical evidence to support your thesis.
  3. A list of Internet Portals is provided to help you find additional resources.
  4. Finally, a few Assignment Tips are given to help you complete your paper in a timely and ethical manner.

For this final assignment, we want you to find a link between a specific historical moment, ideology, or concept that occurs within the era covered in our course and a current event.

example: Charlottesville “Unite the Right” Rally (Current Event) <--- Beer Hall Putsch 1923/rise of Nazi Germany (Historical Event)

Explain the connection between the historical event and the current event that you have picked. Work on answering the question you started with in the beginning as well as the overarching question of the project. The key to this project is to identify and explain the causation and correlation of the events you have chosen to explore. Now that you’ve connected the dots what picture has revealed itself?

You will present this final project either as an Editorial or a Podcast. More specific information is available on your Google Classroom page.

Topics Covered & Related Historic Events for Modern World History

Click the Name of a History Unit to refresh your memory of just some of the events and topics covered.

Belgian Congo






The Scramble for Africa / Berlin Conference


Battle of Ideologies




Great Depression

Sentiments of War

Shifted borders

Spanish Civil War


  • Fascism (Mussolini)


  • Nazism, Sociology, Psychology




  • Fascism (Stalin)





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