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Hamilton Middle School Required Summer Reading 2021

Hamilton 8th Grade Language Arts

Your Language Arts summer reading selection is Long Journey Home, by Julius Lester (available on Amazon and Learning Ally).
Write 6-8 bulleted notes on EACH chapter of Long Journey Home, and organize them neatly in a new spiral notebook. This notebook will be collected on the first day back, and then it will serve as your Language Arts notebook for the year. 
Please continue to read other books throughout the summer too. We will discuss, and you will write about your reading in other books when we get back to school. Feel free to write Mrs. Smith or me an email if you would like some suggested book titles.
Language Arts summer writing is...
Your summer writing assignment is to write a 3 paragraph essay about how you feel toward independent reading as an activity. Do you like to read on your own? Is it something you think of doing when you find yourself with extra time on your hands? Why? Why not? Cool reading experiences? Not so fun reading experiences?
Your introductory paragraph should be 4-6 sentences. The body paragraph should be 8 or more specific, descriptive sentences, mentioning some reading that you have done, and answering the above questions. The concluding paragraph should draw your conclusion about independent reading and it should consist of 3-5 sentences. Type the essay and share it with me, please.
Enjoy keeping your learned skills alive in the long, wonderful summer months!
Yours truly, 
Mrs. R. 

Hamilton 8th Grade Summer Reading-History

Read or listen to: Know Your Rights:  a modern kid's guide to the American Constitution, available on Learning Ally. After reading, respond to the three questions in a format of your choice.

1-You may respond in a slideshow, in writing (at least three paragraphs),

2- OR in a video or audio/podcast format (at least 3 minutes). (Tools to choose to use:  Google Slides, Google Docs, WeVideo, Adobe Spark, (podcast), VoiceMemo app, Screencastify) 


  • What is the United States Constitution? (Wh-questions)

  • In your own words, why is the Constitution important? Why is it important to know your rights?

  • What are some ways the Constitution impacts you and what are some of your most important rights? Give examples from the book, Know Your Rights, and from your's and others' lives.

  • Know Your Rights:  a modern kid's guide to the American Constitution is available at or other independent bookstores. (isbn:9781454928546)

  • Email Mr. Poppen-Abajian if you have a question about how to respond. To be turned in on the first day of History class.