2022 Wheeler and Hamilton Lower School Summer Reading & Math List


Summer Math Review with IXL.com

Wheeler Lower School Summer Math Assignment


Dear Families, 


The Wheeler Lower School will once again offer students entering grades 3-5 access to IXL.com, an online math review program, to keep their math skills sharp over the summer. Below are the IXL skills required for summer practice. 



All student logins follow the pattern below. 

USERNAME: firstnamelastname216

PASSWORD: 005maryc


New students must be issued a login. Please contact the TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT with any difficulty logging in over the summer. techdepartment@wheelergmail.org

Rising Third Graders

Rising Fourth Graders

Rising Fifth Graders

10 min, 4x per week

Explore freely from the following second grade math topics:


Place Values

Counting and Number Patterns

Addition (1, 2, and 3-digit)

Subtraction (1, 2, and 3-digit)






10-15 min, 4x per week


Number and Comparing: A.1-9

Place Values: B.1-5

Addition: C.1-4, C.6-7, C.9, C.16

Subtraction: D.1-4, D.7

Understanding Multiplication:


Multiplication Fluency: G.2-4, G.6-8, G.13

Multiplication: H.1-7

Understanding Fractions: W.1-17


Optional Enrichment:

Logical Reasoning (all skills)

Money: S.1-9

Time: o.1-5

10-15 min, 4x per week

Explore from the following fourth grade math topics:


Number Sense: A.1-3, A.10-12

Addition: B.1-3, B.5-8

Subtraction: C.1-7

Multiplication: D.1-7, 12-14, 17-20

Division: E.1-20

Data and Graphs: J.1-8, 11-12

Add & Subtract Fractions Unlike 


Optional Enrichment:

Logical Reasoning: K.1-4

Money: M.1-8

Units of Measurement: N.1-2

Time: O.1, O.3-8

Angles: Z.1-4


By visiting IXL.com and logging in with a school-issued individual username and password (above), students will have access to an unlimited number of questions that are organized by grade level, category and skill. The program provides immediate feedback to their responses and explanations on mistakes. The program can be accessed online with a computer or through an iPad app.


Please note the following important reminders:

  • You child should work on the skills for the grade THEY HAVE JUST COMPLETED. For example, a rising third grader should complete the second grade skills because they are reviewing what they have already learned.

  • We ask that students complete 10-15 minute practice intervals, four times a week. 

  • A “Smart Score” of 100 is NOT the teachers’ expectation. The goal is for students to practice regularly throughout the summer.

  • Although key concepts are recommended above, your child has access to material at any grade to meet their needs for review or challenge. 

  • If a student has already accomplished a skill during the school year, we ask that they try it again over the summer as a review.

  • The program provides helpful reports on student progress for both teachers and parents. 

  • Teachers will have an online record of each student’s participation and performance when the summer is complete. 

  • We strongly encourage students to use a pencil and paper while working.


Please look at your child’s login information at the top of the page. Students have been introduced to the program in school and are familiar with the process of logging in independently. For more information about the program, visit the IXL.com website, which provides user guides. 


Thank you for supporting your child’s summer math work.




Julie Abodeely

Lower School Math Curriculum Coordinator

The Wheeler School 



Does my child need to reach full mastery (a Smart Score of 100) for each skill?

No. Students are asked to spend time on each of the skills for their grade level. Students should work towards a Smart Score of 80 for each skill. If they complete the skill in less than ten minutes, they can aim for 90-100 points OR they can try a different skill. Students should spend a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes per session. If a score of 80 is not reached within 20 minutes, return to the skill another day or move on to the remaining requirements. 


Is there a different way my child can review the math skills from the year?

For a screen-free math review, families may order a Summer Skills Sharpener workbook. Go to Summerskills.com to order. The site will indicate the appropriate grade-level choice. Teachers will accept this skills book as summer practice in September.